Top 5 Things to Do in Seattle

When I think of Seattle, Washington, I think about the original Starbucks of course! But then again you are talking to an addict. Therefore, when we decided to add Seattle as a day trip on a layover, I was beyond excited to visit the very first coffee shop. Beyond Starbucks, Seattle reminds of Grey’s Anatomy, the Space Needle and of course Pike Place. As I started to research what we could do and see in our 24 hours in “The Emerald City” my excitement began to grow beyond my initial points of interest. When we visited Seattle, I was blown away at all the city has to offer. We were able to visit many hot spots in our short time there but I will be back to explore more. When I return, I will be sure to explore some of the boasted hiking spots, take the ferry to Bainbridge Island and visit the Experience Music Project museum. Until then, here are my Top 5 Things to Do in Seattle, Washington.


1) Chihuly Glass Garden   This spot was added to the list by the husband. Although I originally wasn’t interested as I had never heard of it before, it was my absolute favorite spot in Seattle. The glass artwork is exquisite, colorful and unique. There are exhibits inside that are vibrantly eye-catching against the all black room as well as artwork and videos explaining how Chihuly creates the glass artwork. The outdoor garden was my favorite spot as the background to the garden is the Space Needle itself. You will get some great views and pictures standing in the garden. On the website, you can get a deal for admission to the glass garden and Space Needle observation deck. The glass garden is a must see when you visit, worth every penny.


2) Starbucks Roastery and Tasting Room  Based on my love of Starbucks it was probably assumed the original Starbucks was on my list but it was nothing special. The Roastery and  Tasting Room however was a different story. The central location made it easy to get to from Pike Place. The room has a great set up of tables and chairs to grab a drink. You can sit and watch the same beans used in your drink roasted in front of you. A sweet employee noticed us taking pictures and advised if we waited a few minutes we could watch the pouring of the beans into the roaster. It was a fun set up to be able to watch all that goes into making the perfect coffee.


3) Sky View Observatory   Everyone thinks of the Space Needle as the place to see the city from above. While the Space Needle is still recommended to visit, the Observatory had spectacular views from a higher point. The Observatory is on the 73rd floor of the Columbia Center. The 360 degree views allow you to see numerous mountains, the Space Needle and Pacific Ocean with clarity. A perfect picture spot, the floor posts signs with areas to get the best lighting as well as tips to get the best selfie. Make sure you hit this spot up as the sun sets. You simply can’t beat the views!

4) The Seattle Public Library  Not a place you think to visit right? You definitely should stop in. The spectacular architecture alone should make you stop outside for a picture.  In addition to unique housing of books, each floor is different from others. Some are filled with artwork, some give amazing views while one holds a pure red hallway that alone is a fun spot to stop. A quick place to stop that is worth the stop on your way to Pike Place.


5) Pike Place  This of course had to be on the list. Another iconic spot in Seattle, it is worth at least a walk through if you don’t have the time to explore. The center has a fish market, farmer’s market, bakeries and many restaurants. We enjoyed a delicious seafood dinner in the market after our visit to the first Starbucks. Walking amongst the strong fish smell and beautiful floral bouquets, you can catch some free entertainment as the fishmongers throw fish across the market  it is a sight to experience. If you are staying for awhile in Seattle, be sure to check out the butcher shops and store fronts to pick up some items to make your own dinner. Maybe you can even catch your own fish.. from the hands of the seller throwing it to you!


Again, Seattle is definitely on my list of places I would like to return. I would be sure to re-visit all of the places listed here for a longer amount of time as well as explore the places we missed on our first trip. Whether your first visit or a return one, I hope this lists helps you enjoy some of the wonderful spots Seattle has to offer.


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