A Temporary Break-up Letter

Dear Running,

I think we need a break. Deep down, I know you are my one true love but I need to focus on myself right now. Although I may see others during our time apart, don’t worry this will not be a Ross & Rachel break. I may have a date with Yoga and Pilates but it is all in an effort to heal my body. No matter how much I love you, I know we will be reunited again one day.

This has been coming for a while. We both know some things have changed over the past few months. We tried to look past it, hoping with each race that things would get better. It’s a cliché but it’s not you, it’s me. I need to better myself. I need to try new things. I need to grow. I can only do this by taking a break from you. I need to appreciate you as you should be.

We’ve had a lot of ups and downs together. Literally, I don’t know if you remember Ragnar but I will never forgot those hills we conquered together. I will remember the laughs and the tears we shared. I will remember the good times like finishing our first half marathon together as well as the bad when I started to question our relationship during our Vegas half. That weekend I realized the physical toll our relationship was taking on my body. Some runs were tough, some were fun but you made me feel so good all the times we spent together. I used to hate our time apart as it always made me reflect on the love we shared, not the pain you caused me.  Lately, things have changed and the negatives of our relationship are taking over.

I will always cherish what we’ve shared and look forward to accomplishing more. While I work on myself I will look forward to the time when everything has aligned for us, especially when the aligning of my back has improved.  Maybe then we can bring our love affair back in full swing. We always said we would do a marathon together. I hope we still do.

I am not saying this is the end. We can still be friends during our separation. Maybe we can meet up for a summer run along the beach or on vacations as a way to explore a new city.  Please know I will think of you and all the fond memories we have shared. I will dream of us reuniting again, crossing that finish line together.




5 thoughts on “A Temporary Break-up Letter

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