Random Tuesday Thoughts

1. Happy Cinco de Mayo!! While I would love to be enjoying Taco Tuesday and sipping a margarita tonight, I will be teaching boot camp tonight. I created a workout that will burn the calories of ½ of a margarita and a serving of chips & salsa. Can you believe a margarita is 455 calories on average?!? No thank you. I will definitely be sticking to an ice tea from here on out.

2. The countdown has officially started for our next domestic trip to Miami, Florida! I am so excited to start researching everything we want to do while we are there. We will be traveling in September for 4 days. Besides spending as much time at the beach as possible, I’m really hoping we can visit the Everglades as well. Any tips on visiting Miami?

3. I am in love with my Fitbit Charge. I am planning to write a full review of the Fitbit this week but until then I will keep talking it up. I find myself being much more active particularly at work. Having a desk job and back problems are a bad combo but having the Fitbit on my wrist is a great reminder to get up to take breaks more often.


4. Not like I need any more reasons to visit Chipotle but I will definitely continue to be a fan since they announced they will not cook with genetically modified ingredients anymore. I definitely hope other restaurants follow as I like to know that my food is food, not chemically enhanced or altered. Source: Chipotle

Tell me your random Tuesday thoughts in the comments. Hope you have a wonderful Cinco de Mayo!


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