Triathlon Training

When I decided to take a break from running earlier this month to get my back fixed, I kept thinking about what I would do this summer as my workout plan. Most important this summer is to work with my doctors & physical therapists to eliminate my back pain which translates into workouts that strengthen my back, not aggravate it. Hence why running is out of the question for a while.

Last April I completed my first reverse sprint triathlon. I trained heavily on running and biking since the swim was so short. I am a decent swimmer but definitely could use improvement on longer swims. I placed 3rd in my age category and swore I would do another one that year. Here we are a year later and I have yet to even get back in the pool for swimming. Guess my mom wasn’t kidding when she said life flies by you when you are an adult! My physical therapist has highly recommended getting back into swimming as it is a workout that is not only great cardio but a workout that will not hurt my back.

All of this has led me to decide this summer it is time to get back into triathlon training. With the recommendation of swimming and the fact that I have to cycle 4x a week since I teach, there is no better time. That decision led me to take my first two steps into training: 1) I bought a road bike and 2) I got in the pool for the first time in over a year! While the road bike is nothing fancy, it will do the trick in  helping me train for the cycle portion. My swimming needs the most improvement. After my swim workout this past week I kept asking myself why did it take so long to get back in the pool? I am a water baby at heart. Swimming is not only great cardio but much easier on the body than most.  Triathlon

For May and June, I plan to stick to cycle and swim as my main workouts. I will supplement my workouts with yoga and weight training. Starting in July, I will follow a triathlon training plan to get me ready for a sprint triathlon. I am still looking into which plan I will follow but will narrow it down in June. Although a little nervous, I am extremely excited to get back into a training schedule and hopefully conquer the triathlon again!

If you’re looking for some sprint triathlon plans, here are some I have been  looking at:

Womens Health 12 Week Plan
Beginner Triathlete Plan
Mens Health 12 Week Plan

Have you done a triathlon before? Would you do one?


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