Positive Thoughts

Over the past few years I have come to learn one important lesson- Life can just plain suck sometimes. However, the bigger life lesson following is that staying positive can change any negative situation. Honestly, although life can suck, it is all about turning any situation that is not going your way into a positive outlook. I sincerely can tell you that I have been able to get through many of bad situations because of positivity. Please don’t get me wrong, I am not saying it is easy and sometimes you may even have to force being positive in the beginning. As you learn to appreciate the good in a bad situation, you will slowly start to find yourself picking positivity as your first reaction.

Positive Thoughts

Being positive is important in any and all situations. Did your layover get delayed in a random city overnight? Look at it as a way to explore a new city for the night. Did your favorite group exercise class get cancelled? Maybe it is time to finally try that Zumba class. Who knows if you are missing out on a new favorite workout or instructor. In running races, positivity has helped me get through the last few miles as I push myself to make it to the finish line.

I myself work on being positive every day and brush the little things aside. There are times when I feel like the zen of yoga is working while other times there will never be enough Ujjayi breaths to get me through the day. So how do you stay positive when all you want to do is throw something at someone?

*Breathe. Yoga is onto something with the deep inhales and releasing exhales. If you find the negativity creeping up on you, take a step back, take a few breaths in and calm yourself down. It will often remind you that your emotions are overruling what is at hand and helps you to refocus your negative energy.

*Speaking of stepping back, do exactly that in a negative situation. Removing yourself for a few minutes will help you to evaluate from a different mindset. This tactic helps you to clear your head from the negativity to reevaluate and change your thinking.

*Stepping back in a situation is especially helpful when you take the time to list of all the positive things in a situation. By bringing focus to the positive aspects, it will help you to overcome the negative thoughts. A positive list will also help you to realize usually a situation is not as bad as we think. It helps to clear your head and bring you back into the bigger picture of a situation.

*Again as mentioned, sometimes you just have to fake it. You have heard the saying “fake it til you make it” and the same goes for a situation you find yourself struggling to be positive in. It becomes a domino effect. By forcing yourself to have positive thoughts, slowly your mind transitions to being less negative and more positive in all situations. Positive minds lead to a positive life.

Stay Positive

 Positive thoughts are a choice that you must make. We will all find ourselves in a situation we could easily choose negative thoughts as our end result but where will that get you? Let’s try this week to pick one situation where we let positivity take over. I’m sure you will find it is always the better option.

Tell me: What do you do to help stay positive in a situation where negativity takes over?


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