National Running Day: A Survey

Happy National Running Day! I am sure you have seen posts or references to National Running Day on Facebook, Instagram, blog posts and Twitter. In honor of the day to celebrate the sport of running, I pulled a survey from the archives. I have had this survey from Peanut Butter Fingers bookmarked since 2013 and realized today is the perfect day to answer the survey.


  • Best Run Ever

My best run ever was when I visited Europe. I brought a pair of sneakers and my Garmin because I knew I wanted to run in each country I was visiting. One morning I woke up at 7am and ran from my hotel to Buckingham Palace, through St. James Garden & back up to my hotel next to Westminster Abbey. When I visited Paris, I did the same thing one afternoon running around Arc De Triomphe & Champs Elysees. I can never put into words how I felt running in two of my dream vacation spots.

  • Three Words that Describe My Running

Relaxed, Calculated and Soothing

Although I will follow training plans, when I run just to run, I follow the notion that my running pace is based on how I feel. Sometimes that means I keep a comfortable 10 mile pace while other times my pace can get in the 8s. Calculated because I have a bad habit of checking my Garmin every .15 miles to see my current pace. Just a habit to constantly check. Soothing because no matter where I am running or how fast, running always calms me and makes me happy just to be moving.

  • My Go-To Running Outfit

Capris (because I hate when you run and have shorts riding up) and thin, long tank top, my Garmin, a Bic Band, my Saucony Ride 6s and a supportive sports bra.


  • Quirky Habit While Running

Quirky? That is a hard one, maybe I have habits I do not even realize but I run full races holding my phone. Besides always checking my Garmin as listed above, I have an armband but do not use it. During runs and races I have to have something in my hand. Usually it’s my phone because I like to be able to switch music or be able to quickly take pictures. It makes for a sweaty gross phone after but I think its become a comfort thing after a few races.

  • Morning, Mid-day, or Evening

In the summer, morning as it just gets too hot in California. Any other season I prefer early evening when the sun is starting to set.

  • I Won’t Run Outside When It’s

In the middle of the summer in California. I cannot handle the heat and humidity in the summer so its only early morning or on the treadmill for me.

  • Worst Injury – And How I Got Over It

My ongoing back pain has really put a major damper on my current running. I am working to get over it by doing yoga, physical therapy and lots of cross training!

  • I Felt Most Like a Badass Mother Runner When

…I finished my first half marathon. Crossing that finish line was such a proud moment as I accomplished one of my biggest dreams, with my husband. I was on a high from that race for a few days!

Long Beach

  • Potential Running Goal for 2015

To run a full marathon or at least start the training for one. I have a few half’s under my belt now so I need to just suck it and complete my goal of a full marathon.

  • Next Race Is

Although I am taking a break from running during the summer, I have signed up for Ragnar Napa Valley in October. I might throw in a 5K or 10K in the summer but Ragnar is the next race I have officially signed up for.
Play along in the comments and answer any of the questions above. 


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