Breaking Out of my Fitness Comfort Zone

Last night I taught my weekly Bootcamp class. Before our class, there is a Yoga class in the group exercise room. As we often wait for the class to end, many of my students joke how Yoga and Bootcamp are the opposite classes of the gym. My students know I teach two of the more fast paced, high intensity classes at our gym- Cycle and Bootcamp. I definitely prefer a sweaty, intense session over a slower paced class but I chalk it up to my more intense personality. 😉

Recently after my doctor recommended yoga for my back problems, I have taken various yoga and mat pilates classes. Who would have known that I would actually enjoy an hour of a challenging but relaxing class with stretching. It has been a great hour to unwind (if only I could unwind the hour before and the hour after but that is a work in progress). In the midst of enjoying the new classes I have been thinking about what getting another certification. In perfect timing, my gym opened up sign-ups for the certification for Body Works Plus Abs. The class is a lightweight dumbbell workout that aims to Improve muscle tone, posture, balance and strength. I am so excited about this opportunity as I feel it is a way to use some of the experience and certification I have now but in a different structure. As my mind is constantly thinking about the next step, especially with fitness, I am always researching new fitness classes, gyms and workouts. Over the past few months, I cannot tell you how many times I have said “I want to try that” in regards to fitness. Well in the spirit of trying new things and finishing off the second half of the year strong, I have decided it is time to break out of my fitness comfort zone.


One of my main goals this summer, is to take as many new fitness classes as I can. Exposing myself to new classes and instructors will allow me to not only improve as an instructor but also find new exercises, workouts and classes to improve my fitness overall. Plus, taking classes will help to cross off some items on my Fitness Life List  

So what are some of the classes I am planning to take this summer? First, I want to try some of those classes that I have not been able to stop thinking about. This usually results in me going all stalker-ex status as I scan the internet for recaps, Instagram pictures and the company’s website to learn all I can before starting. In an effort to be just a little less creepy with my stalking, I want to knock out the following classes first: Soul CycleOrangeTheory, Barre classes (there is a studio next to my apartment complex- whats my excuse) Reformers Pilates, Crossfit and Zumba. In addition to this list I want to try to get to as many of these classes as I can throughout the summer: Barry’s Bootcamp, TRX, Bikram Yoga, Pop Physique and Surf Set. Of course I know I will stumble across more classes throughout the next few months and take more classes at the gyms I teach at.

I plan to write recaps of each class I take so if you are interested in any of the classes, there will be more information for you coming soon. If you have any recommendations on classes let me know as well as I am always interested to try a new class.

Have a very wonderful Wednesday!

Tell me: Have you taken any of these classes? Are there any you want to try yourself?


3 thoughts on “Breaking Out of my Fitness Comfort Zone

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