Thinking Out Loud Thursday

Wow, since Memorial Day, these past few weeks have been flying by. I guess that is the advantage to keeping busy during the week, it flies by! I had a scheduled post today but I also have a million random thoughts in my tiny brain so I felt it was only fitting to jump in on Thinking Out Loud Thursday with Amanda (check out her blog for some amazing recipes).


1)  I am really excited about Sunday being the longest day of the year! I love when summer rolls around and it stays light until after 8pm. It makes me happy to get a huge portion of sunlight all day. Sunday is going to need to involve an outdoor workout and as much time outside as possible. Many times, I wish I could tell all the women on my weekend cycle classes to pull the bikes out to the grass so we could cycle outside! Until then, I will just keep dreaming about it.

2)  Moving sucks, plain and simple. Thank goodness, this weekend should be the last of my moving. I am also grateful that I know I will be in one place for awhile. Moving to my 5th place in 3 years has definitely made me despise moving. I hope in the next year and a half I will win the lotto so I can hire someone on the next round to pack and move everything for me.

3)  Speaking of moving, it has been way too long since I have been to my favorite store- IKEA! I love that place whether I have a room to decorate or not. I think making an IKEA trip is in the cards. At the very least for their delicious ice cream cones!!

4)  Lately, I have been really struggling with taking Emma out because our new place is on the 2nd floor (GREAT for the Fitbit steps, bad for a lazy dog who hates the rain and heat). Luckily, I stumbled across Fresh Patch which I saw on Shark Tank. I ordered my first one that I plan to put on the patio for Emma. It will be so great to open the door at 10pm on a rainy day instead of putting a coat on, coaxing Emma with treats to go out, where she gets muddy. This will be a life saver- just a brilliant idea!

Fresh Patch

5)  Speaking of Shark Tank, I love that show! Some of the ideas people think of are very creative. Other times I cringe as I watch people try and sell something to the Sharks that have no chance. I know they can’t all be winners but I feel so bad for those who get sent away.

6)  As I mentioned above, I think way too often about what I would do if I win the lotto.. yet rarely buy tickets. If I  win the lotto, there would be a million things I would buy but up on the top of my list: a standing desk (for my back), a new car (a 4 door is hard for moving large items), a 2 bedroom beach rental (because who doesn’t love the beach) and I would book a cruise to Jamaica (I mean c’mon… it’s Jamaica).

7)  Since the end of the year is going to packed with vacations, the summer will be very mellow for us with no trips until the end of August. However, I am so excited for the chance to take a mini vacation to see my sister & her family this weekend to Pismo Beach! I love the beach, I love Pismo and I love the summer. It will be great to have a day off work and enjoy the summer with some of my favorite people.


Hope you have a wonderful Thursday! I am teaching a cycle class tonight followed by some of my own personal workout. Hopefully I can log some time on the elliptical followed by an ab workout. See you tomorrow for Friday Favorites!

Tell me: Any random thoughts on this Thursday? Have you been to IKEA? How many times have you moved in your life?


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