Trying a Group Fitness Class Again (after the first time sucked)

Half way through the week- thankfully a short week for me! During one of my classes this week I had a student let me know that they do not like my music. They proceeded to tell me that when they cycle they want music with no lyrics, beats only. Inside I was dying because I would be bored out of my mind if I was to not have songs to distract me. As not just an instructor but a student myself, I prefer to have upbeat, music I can sing or hum along to.

In cases like these, I will kindly suggest them to try other classes at the gym. While of course I want everyone to like my class, I know that the reality is not everyone will. People have different tastes and when it comes to fitness classes you are not going to like them all. If there is one thing I have learned as an instructor, you cannot everybody. Those who like it will come back and those who don’t will hopefully find an instructor they love. It is one thing for those who try various group fitness classes and instructors but the worst is if someone goes to the first boot camp, cycle, aqua, yoga, etc. class but does not like the class. The majority of the time, the first impression is the lasting one.

If I had a dollar for every time I have heard “I hated my first fill-in-the-blank class” I would be sitting on a warm beach in Jamaica right now. Every time I hear that someone hates a class I beg them to try it again. I think for any fitness class, the first class usually sucks. You are new to the moves, format, music, instructor and maybe even gym. Some classes will expose you to muscles you never knew you had. I remember walking like a penguin for days after my first Body Works class.

Would you take a fitness class again if it sucked the first time

This got me thinking: Would you go back to a class format you hated the first time? My personal motto as a student and instructor is to try every class at least twice. Every class that I set a new student up on a bike or explain the structure of boot camp, I always finish with plea for them to try the class a second time. Why?

You may not like the first instructor – Plain and simple, I realize not everyone likes me as an instructor. Some have even felt so inclined to inform me of this but regardless an instructor might just not be your style. I understand that another instructor might just be a better fit for your fitness.

Furthermore to not liking the instructor, you might not like their choice of music/ cues/ format – Some students like rap when  they workout while others like pop. Some like the lights on with loud beats while others want a dark room with minimal talking. Again, everyone is just different.

You will usually be sore the next day – Doing any new workout  will usually result in being sore as you use muscles you have not before. Sometimes it can take your muscles a few classes to not be sore after  which means consistency is the key.

You will workout with different students – My classes from day to day after very different in regards to students. I have a lot of groups that are very camaraderie driven which makes new students want to go back. If your first class is one without warm welcoming students, you are less inclined to return.

Tell me: Would you go back to a class format you hated the first time?


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