The Weekend in Numbers

Can we repeat this weekend? 3 day weekends are just the best! This weekend could not have been more perfect. The husband and I made sure to utilize all the time off. 

Here’s our weekend in numbers:

One movie we saw this weekend (FINALLY saw Jurassic World)

Two hours it took for us to find parking at the beach which left us with only two hours at the actual beach

Weekend Recap Beach Day 2   Weekend Recap Beach Day 5

Two books read at the beach (rereading Eat Pray Love)

Weekend Recap Beach Day

Three times meals ended in dessert

Weekend Recap 4       Weekend Recap Blaze Pizza

Three Sprinkle cupcakes I ate over the weekend (1 of which included ice cream)

Weekend Recap Sprinkles

Four cycle classes taught

Twenty miles walked

Hundreds of calories consumed a day with zero guilt

Weekend Recap 5        Weekend Recap Beach Day 3  Weekend Recap Blaze Pizza 2    Weekend Recap Beach Day 4

Thousands of times I thought how much I love my life

Weekend Recap 3

Tell me: Did you eat any good meals this weekend? Have you had Sprinkles cupcakes before?


3 thoughts on “The Weekend in Numbers

  1. It looks like you had an amazing weekend!! Great job on celebrating the 4th in style.
    As for your question – we had an amazing meal courtesy of a JenKev tag team on homemade hamburgers and baked mac-n-cheese. We were so obsessed, we went back to the store and made it a second time!

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