Friday Favorites #8

I do not think I could be more ready for a Friday. Last night I finished teaching my 10th fitness class in 8 days. Added on top of my 7-4 job, I am looking forward to a relaxing night in! This weekend I have my two regular cycle classes, a planned hike in Malibu and hopefully just lots of relaxing and sun. So Cal has been having some very weird June gloom that has rolled into July. Regardless I am looking forward to the weekend with the husband and Emma of course. However, before we get to the weekend, it is time for Friday Favorites. Thanks to Heather and Katie for hosting!

Friday Favorites

1) I have been eating wayyyyyy too much ice cream this week. On Wednesday night, the husband and I went to a local Nitrogen ice cream spot- N7 Creamery. Not only was the ice cream delicious (I got salted caramel of course) but the atmosphere of the shop was so unique to our area. Wooden floors and walls, travel inspired decorations (of course I loved those) and a live mic night in back of their store front. I like that they not only use local farm ingredients but organic as well. I am even more excited for Portland as friends have told us that this type of food spot is very common over there. .

Friday Favorites N7 Creamery

2) I have definitely had too much ice cream when my #2 is also ice cream again. We tried a second Nitrogen ice cream shop last night called the Creamistry. They have 4 bases you can choose from which includes two non dairy bases- coconut milk and sorbet as well as organic. You can add toppings mixed in or on top. I did salted caramel base with caramel mixed in and whipped cream. Can you sense a trend with the salted caramel? I cannot get enough.


3) “Why Couples Who Travel Aren’t Your Average Couple” was one of my favorites from the week. #5 describes the husband and I to a tee.. Portland is my birthday trip, Miami is the husband’s.. who needs presents when you can see the world!

4) How do you spend $100 in 10 mins? Usually the answer is go to Target. This week the answer is go to Charming Charlie’s. Ahhhhh I get suckered in I tell ya. Their jewelry and dresses are adorable and a great price. It is one of my favorite stores (hint hint family.. my birthday is next month). I bought this dress and one on clearance. I cannot wait to wear them this weekend.

5) When my sister and I went to see Lady Antebellum and Hunter Hayes, they played this song and I have had it on repeat since I heard it. I love the message. #newlifesong

And of course, the best way to finish Friday Favorites off is with the laziest bulldog I know.. this is her every morning as I beg her to get up, tell her she gets food and ultimately get her out with a treat. Hope you have a wonderful relaxing weekend, see you back on Monday!

Emma Rose

Tell me in the comments some of your favorites from the week!

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