Sometimes You Just Need A Day Off…

…so a day off is just what I took and I enjoyed every minute of it. As I mentioned on Friday, after subbing a lot of classes last week, I was able to get Sunday off of teaching. Therefore, I made sure to utilize every second of my weekend which started on Friday night with a delicious dinner with the hubby’s family. Saturday morning kicked off with teaching a class followed by cleaning up before we hit up Chipotle for lunch and the movies to see Ant Man. I absolutely loved the movie. Although I am usually not into action or super hero flicks, this movie was extremely entertaining. The rest of the night was spent relaxing, taking a nap and working on the computer.

Weekend Recap 2

I was most excited to have Sunday off of teaching to be able to sleep in, which I most absolutely did. The husband and I spent some time at Barnes and Noble finding some new books to add to the library. Taking one of the books I bought, Starbucks was our next stop to enjoy some coffee while reading. After a delicious pesto and broccoli pizza for lunch (gotta love Trader Joe’s) and a nap, we planned to get a workout in.

Weekend Recap 4   Weekend Recap 6

We decided to go to Pedal Spin for a killer class. I left with a raging appetite so we capped the night off with sushi and True Detective. This weekend was exactly what I needed with the past week of subbing extra Cycle classes and the next upcoming week of work.

Weekend Recap 5     Weekend Recap

Although I am not posting my weekly workout recap this week (almost the exact same as the last two weeks), I taught a class without participating on Tuesday and had a full rest day on Friday. My rest days have become an important part of my weekly routine. A couple years ago, one of the things I struggled with most during workouts was taking rest days. I was too consumed with staying at a certain weight and keeping my workout regime. However, I often would ended up injured resulting in needing to take day or weeks off. The worst was when I needed surgery due to too many ab exercises (yep it can actually happen) that resulted in more than a month off of working out.

In the end not taking one day off resulted in taking much more. As my goal has changed to maintaining my health and fitness, I have learned that rest days are an important part of my health. Sometimes you do just need a rest day. Rest days are necessary to allow your muscles to rebuild and allow your body to recover. Make sure that your workouts incorporate rest days which will only help your fitness improve in the long run.

Tell me: How often do you take a rest day? What is the last movie you saw in theaters?


5 thoughts on “Sometimes You Just Need A Day Off…

  1. Rest days are critical to avoid injury which could lead to rest-weeks or rest-months. The peace of mind of increased metabolism from rebuilding muscles also helps. I make sure to load my rest days with as much fun and relaxation as possible ! 🙂

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