Friday Favorites #10

What a week it has been, some of the same old stuff with a nice mix of new and exciting. I am very ready for a mixed weekend of action and relaxing. Tomorrow after teaching my cycle class, I will be taking the cycle certification through one of my gyms. Although I already have my certification, this will just be a great way to brush up on my skills as an instructor. Sunday will be a day of relaxing, hopefully catching a movie and working on those July goals with some more reading (preferably by the pool). Here are some of my favorites from this week. Linking up as always with Katie & Heather for Friday Favorites.

Friday Favorites

1) Stitch Fix but more specifically my stylist Meg (shout to Meg even though I doubt she would read this) were my favorite. As I mentioned on my last fix, I requested to have Meg as my stylist again. I felt like she nailed my style with the last fix but the sizing was wrong. I am so glad I requested her again because I received my next fix this week and it. is. amazing. Meg just nailed it! I am wearing a top from my fix as we speak. I will post my review next week but let’s just say I am fairly certain it will be a 5/5. #thankgoodnessitspayday

Stitch Fix #3 Review Friday Favorites

2) Continuing with good service, Blue Host (and Steve from Blue Host who who helped me at 11pm) was a life saver this week. As I am in the process of switching the blog over, I totally messed up and wiped my data away with a click of a button. Of course naturally I panicked. So I got on Blue Host’s live chat and within 10 minutes, Steve had restored the last transfer they completed. That chat alone reassured me I made the right switch for self hosting.

3) My best friend. I know, I know, everyone thinks their best friend is the best. Well sorry to break the news although mine always is, this week she absolutely was. I will share more details next week but she really supported me this week and makes me even more grateful for such an amazing, caring person in my life.

4) I loved this mug my mom tagged me on this week – put Starbucks in place of coffee and you have my life in a mug.

Friday Favorites Etsy mug5) While planning our Greece trip for next year (look at my actually working on my goals) I checked out Costco Travel which is really a great site for booking travel. Although limited on destinations, they have very competitive deals and a decent amount of flexibility with creating packages. Make sure to check it out for your next trip. I will definitely be using as we start to book our trip.

Happy Friday! Tell me: Any fun plans for the weekend? What are your favorites from the week?

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