Friday Favorites #10

What a week it has been, some of the same old stuff with a nice mix of new and exciting. I am very ready for a mixed weekend of action and relaxing. Tomorrow after teaching my cycle class, I will be taking the cycle certification through one of my gyms. Although I already have my certification, this will just be a great way to brush up on my skills as an instructor. Sunday will be a day of relaxing, hopefully catching a movie and working on those July goals with some more reading (preferably by the pool). Here are some of my favorites from this week. Linking up as always with Katie & Heather for Friday Favorites.

Friday Favorites

1) Stitch Fix but more specifically my stylist Meg (shout to Meg even though I doubt she would read this) were my favorite. As I mentioned on my last fix, I requested to have Meg as my stylist again. I felt like she nailed my style with the last fix but the sizing was wrong. I am so glad I requested her again because I received my next fix this week and it. is. amazing. Meg just nailed it! I am wearing a top from my fix as we speak. I will post my review next week but let’s just say I am fairly certain it will be a 5/5. #thankgoodnessitspayday

Stitch Fix #3 Review Friday Favorites

2) Continuing with good service, Blue Host (and Steve from Blue Host who who helped me at 11pm) was a life saver this week. As I am in the process of switching the blog over, I totally messed up and wiped my data away with a click of a button. Of course naturally I panicked. So I got on Blue Host’s live chat and within 10 minutes, Steve had restored the last transfer they completed. That chat alone reassured me I made the right switch for self hosting.

3) My best friend. I know, I know, everyone thinks their best friend is the best. Well sorry to break the news although mine always is, this week she absolutely was. I will share more details next week but she really supported me this week and makes me even more grateful for such an amazing, caring person in my life.

4) I loved this mug my mom tagged me on this week – put Starbucks in place of coffee and you have my life in a mug.

Friday Favorites Etsy mug5) While planning our Greece trip for next year (look at my actually working on my goals) I checked out Costco Travel which is really a great site for booking travel. Although limited on destinations, they have very competitive deals and a decent amount of flexibility with creating packages. Make sure to check it out for your next trip. I will definitely be using as we start to book our trip.

Happy Friday! Tell me: Any fun plans for the weekend? What are your favorites from the week?

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Friday Favorites #9

“It’s the freakin’ weekend baby I’m about to have me some fun…” Ignition is that one song that always, no matter what pumps me up! It is going to be a glorious weekend because I finally got a Sunday off. With the 10 classes I subbed last week I needed a break to catch up on some things and relax. So after my usual Saturday class, hopefully seeing “Ant Man” at night, Sunday will be a fun day at the beach. I am looking forward to tackling some of my July goals by reading at the beach and *fingers crossed* taking a Soul Cycle or Orange Theory class! Without further ado let’s get to the wonderful fun post of Friday with Friday Favorites as I link up with Katie & Heather!

Friday Favorites

1) On Wednesday night I posted a picture on Instagram at Pedal Spin (one of my favorite cycle studios). It has been awhile since I have been to a cycle class as a student and I loved every minute of it. I love pushing myself and getting lost in the music. It is such a different vibe not in front of a class! Plus I LOVED getting to go with my sister for her first class and the hubby of course. It reminds me that I need to keep taking more classes as a student because I love it!

Pedal Spin Studio Cycling

2) As I talked about yesterday, acupuncture has been my favorite this week. Tuesday night I started to notice my back and legs were sore but luckily I had an appointment scheduled the next day. I went in during my lunch break and came out 20 minutes later feeling much better. I think that helped in pushing myself in cycle class that nighr as well!

Acupuncture Review 2

3) While watching this week’s episode of True Detective, a teaser for one of my very favorite shows was aired. I am counting down the days until the fall when The Leftovers comes back. Such a crazy show that ended with me asking a million questions so I am hopeful answers are coming this season.

4) “8 Quotes Only Wanderlusters Would Understand” – My favorite has always been ‘not all those who wander are lost.’

5) My mother visited my grandparents in Kentucky a few weeks ago. She asked if there was anything I wanted as they were going through some of their items. Over the past few years visiting my grandparents I would remember my nana sitting at her vanity overlooking their beautiful backyard where deer would come run past. As she sat putting on her makeup, she would tell me stories, always calling me darling. So I requested a trinket that she had off that vanity to put on my own jewelry shelf to remind me of them everyday. My mom brought me back this lemon which I absolutely love. It fits perfect in my shelves and makes me smile when I see it everyday.

Friday Favorites

Tell me in the comments some of your favorites from the week! Have you watched the Leftovers? What is one of your favorite quotes?

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Friday Favorites #8

I do not think I could be more ready for a Friday. Last night I finished teaching my 10th fitness class in 8 days. Added on top of my 7-4 job, I am looking forward to a relaxing night in! This weekend I have my two regular cycle classes, a planned hike in Malibu and hopefully just lots of relaxing and sun. So Cal has been having some very weird June gloom that has rolled into July. Regardless I am looking forward to the weekend with the husband and Emma of course. However, before we get to the weekend, it is time for Friday Favorites. Thanks to Heather and Katie for hosting!

Friday Favorites

1) I have been eating wayyyyyy too much ice cream this week. On Wednesday night, the husband and I went to a local Nitrogen ice cream spot- N7 Creamery. Not only was the ice cream delicious (I got salted caramel of course) but the atmosphere of the shop was so unique to our area. Wooden floors and walls, travel inspired decorations (of course I loved those) and a live mic night in back of their store front. I like that they not only use local farm ingredients but organic as well. I am even more excited for Portland as friends have told us that this type of food spot is very common over there. .

Friday Favorites N7 Creamery

2) I have definitely had too much ice cream when my #2 is also ice cream again. We tried a second Nitrogen ice cream shop last night called the Creamistry. They have 4 bases you can choose from which includes two non dairy bases- coconut milk and sorbet as well as organic. You can add toppings mixed in or on top. I did salted caramel base with caramel mixed in and whipped cream. Can you sense a trend with the salted caramel? I cannot get enough.


3) “Why Couples Who Travel Aren’t Your Average Couple” was one of my favorites from the week. #5 describes the husband and I to a tee.. Portland is my birthday trip, Miami is the husband’s.. who needs presents when you can see the world!

4) How do you spend $100 in 10 mins? Usually the answer is go to Target. This week the answer is go to Charming Charlie’s. Ahhhhh I get suckered in I tell ya. Their jewelry and dresses are adorable and a great price. It is one of my favorite stores (hint hint family.. my birthday is next month). I bought this dress and one on clearance. I cannot wait to wear them this weekend.

5) When my sister and I went to see Lady Antebellum and Hunter Hayes, they played this song and I have had it on repeat since I heard it. I love the message. #newlifesong

And of course, the best way to finish Friday Favorites off is with the laziest bulldog I know.. this is her every morning as I beg her to get up, tell her she gets food and ultimately get her out with a treat. Hope you have a wonderful relaxing weekend, see you back on Monday!

Emma Rose

Tell me in the comments some of your favorites from the week!

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Friday Favorites #7

Can we just make 4 day work weeks happen every week? It makes the days just fly by!! I am so looking forward to this weekend because my sister and I will be going to the Lady Antebellum/ Hunter Hayes/ Sam Hunt concert on Saturday night. Not only do we have VIP & pit passes but we won a meet & greet with the band! I could not be more excited to see my favorite band in person again. It will be a blast.. but before the weekend officially kicks off, time for another Friday Favorites, linking up with Katie & Heather as usual.

Friday Favorites

1) This picture has me laughing every time I look at it.. describes my life in one sentence.

People having babies

2)Top Five Confessions of a Fitness Professional” by one of my very favorite bloggers A Lady Goes West was a great read for any fitness professional! She hit some great points but I loved that she touched on the fact that she still eats junk food & drinks alcoholic beverages. I think most fitness professionals would say the same thing.

3) Old Navy has sucked way too much money from me for workout clothes. After running an errand during lunch this week, I stopped in to see how great their sale was. Well apparently it was so great I felt the need to buy 3 new workout tops & a pair of shorts (I keep telling myself it’s for the job). I wore one of the outfits to work out in that night and realized I had found my new favorite workout tanks. They are so soft, flattering and lightweight. So what is a girl to do? Buy one in every color of course. So I did just that.. thank goodness for their 15% off sale.

Old Navy

4) I love making playlists for my class but lately I have been spending WAY too much moolah on Itunes. After talking to my director she told me to get Spotify to make my playlists. This service will not only save me a ton of money but really increase my options for songs during Cycle. With teaching 3 classes consecutively (with the same people) I really try to switch up my songs and Spotify is perfect for that.

5) I do not watch very much TV.. The husband and I have a cycle of TV shows where we only watch one at a time throughout the year. When one finishes, another one starts. We jump from Walking Dead to Game of Thrones to The Leftovers. We have been left with a gap of not having a show to watch because True Blood is no longer on to round out the year. I was only half interested when I saw that True Detective Season 2 was starting after Game of Thrones… UNTIL I saw that Vince Vaughn was in the series. At that point I knew I had to watch and after the first episode I was not disappointed. I have about 500 questions about what is going on but for me that is a sign of TV show that I will continue to watch to get answers! It also makes me want to go back and watch Season 1 because who doesn’t love a little Matthew McConaughey.

Hope you have a great weekend, hopefully enjoying some of the sunshine! Happy Friday!

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Tell me: What are your favorites from the week? Do you have plans this weekend?

Friday Favorites #6

Here we are at another Friday which makes me happy! My weekend will consist of teaching, finishing the last of moving and going up to Pismo Beach which I am very excited about! Linking up with Katie & Heather for another Friday Favorites.

Friday Favorites

1)  Starbucks.. For any addict out there who visits their local Starbucks way too frequently (like myself) the news of now being able to pre-order your drink to avoid the line was the best news you got all week! I get Starbucks at least 3 out of the 5 work days. However, with the new pre-order option, I will be able to add those two days in where I am just a little too late to stop and get my Starbucks. Thank you Starbucks for supporting my addiction. #starbucksaddict

2)  This article “16 Signs You’re A Little (or A Lot) Type A” was one I stumbled upon in one of my time sucking hours on the internet. 13 of the 16 signs is definitely pointing me in the Type A direction!

3)   My last custom planner was from June 2014 to June 2015. When I realized I only had two weeks left, I bought another full year planner to finish off the second half of the year. Nothing makes me happier than setting up a new planner… I would be completely lost without my planners. I keep one planner for everything (work, teaching, personal & workouts) in my life. I keep another for teaching & workouts alone. So needless to say, I love my planners!


4)   “Learning to Love Spin Class” from Coffee Cake & Cardio made me smile.

5)   As our next two trips are to Portland, OR and Miami, FL, I have been loving to find things to do, restaurants and more. I love hearing from people that have actually been to the destinations we are visiting. Their opinions on what is worth visiting and skipping has been helpful in the past which is getting me more excited about our trips!

6)  When I bought my newest shoes for Cycle, I purchased them from REI. The guy explained how their membership works and I was so impressed I had to join. Not only do you get a percentage back of your purchases but special member only sales, discounts in store and online as well as coupons throughout the year. With an active lifestyle, I already have 10 items in my REI shopping cart!


7)  My two new favorite songs of the week: “21” by Hunter Hayes and “Cheerleader” by Omi (which has been on my playlist all week in Cycle).

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Tell me in the comments some of your favorites from the week. Hope you have a great weekend!

Friday Favorites #5

Another Friday which I am thrilled about. This weekend I have my two cycle classes, a garage sale and two certification trainings. Needless to say like all weekends, I am sure it will fly by! Hoping to get some sun in the small window I have on Saturday afternoon. Anyways, let’s get into my Friday Favorites from this week. Linking up with Katie & Heather!

Friday Favorites

  • After trying my first Talenti gelato (Salted Caramel) I could not wait to get my hands on the Caramel Cookie Crunch. Did I eat way more than one serving? Yep. It was worth every calorie. Run, do not walk to the store and get yourself a few. You will thank me later.
  • download

  • Dog bones have been worth every penny as they are the only thing that keeps Emma’s attention. I am not just talking about for a few hours but for days! She is so destructive with any and all types of toys and gets bored of them within 15 minutes. She has been walking around with the bone in her mouth or chewing it this whole week.
  • FullSizeRender               Friday Favorites Emma Dog Bone

  • When doing our weekly Costco shopping, I came across Wtrmln Wtr and was so intrigued, we had to get it. My favorite fruit is watermelon. As the package boasted the ingredients contained only watermelon rind, flesh and lemon, I knew I was going to like it. Although pricey, it was worth it. So refreshing and delicious. The husband and I said it tasted like drinking the leftover juice in a bowl of cut up watermelon. Thanks Costco for another expensive habit.
  • I am so excited for Jurassic World but sadly I have to wait until Father’s Day to see it. We are taking my dad since we all grew up watching this with him. It will be a great movie to watch with him but I will be counting down the days until I get to see it.
    Jurassic World
  • I do not have cable but I will catch tv shows when I go to my moms. Unfortunately I stumbled across Married At First Sight and I am hooked!! Does anyone else watch this show?! They just aired the final decision where the couples announced if they would stay married or get a divorce. I found out there was a 1st season I will have to catch since I have been hooked on the 2nd season!
  • After posting about Traveling Solo this week, I came across this article on Why Women Should Travel Alone.
  • This workout kicked my butt and gave me nice sore legs for a couple days!
  • Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and gets to enjoy the start of summer!

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    Tell me in the comments: What are your Friday Favorites?

    Friday Favorites #4

    How did this week go by so fast? Not that I am complaining, Friday I welcome you with open arms! Linking up as usual with Katie & Heather for my Friday Favorites!

    Friday Favorites

    Wanderlust shirts that describe me to tee (pun intended haha)!! My mom found the tshirt in the clearance section at Old Navy (score!!!) and this tank I found at Target.

    Friday Favorites Not All Who Wander Friday Favorites Wanderlust
    This list of America’s Most Stunning Waterfalls made me even more excited for Portland as Multhnomah Falls is the place we are going on my actual birthday. Ever since I saw a picture of that bridge, I have been dying to get there and take my own picture.

    All I can say is this guy inspires me to be a more enthusiastic cycle instructor.

    Great article for those wanting to try a cycle class for the first time.. if so make sure you read this great guide!

    I cannot even remember the last time I had a Frappuccino before I finally tried the new S’mores Frap from Starbucks. THANK GOODNESS for the mini frap because I would have sucked down a Venti no problem. It was so delicious and hit the nail on the head with the S’mores flavor. Even with the option of the mini though, I will stick with my much more calorie friendly drink, the Skinny Caramel Macchiato.

    We finally put up our medal & bib holder this week we got from our best friends. I absolutely love it! We still need to put up our bibs but it is the perfect addiiton to our home and a reminder of how excited I am to fill that last medal spot with our Ragnar Relay Napa Valley medal in October.

    Race Medal Holder

    Tell me some of your favorites from this week in the comments.